Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Quarter 3

This quarter I had to write a three paragraph essay depicting where I lived and what school I go to. It was all due in one day and it had to be written in Arabic. It was supposed to act as a test for the third quarter.

The purpose was to ensure that we knew a lot about Arabic and verbs, nouns about it. It was also to test if we could form sentences and keep up a paragraph. It was also to see if we could spell some simple words in Arabic and other complex words.

Well, I learned a lot more about Arabic and how sentences worked. The sentence structure is also a little different so I had to get some help from Shabab. I thought it was an interesting test even though I was not required to turn it in.

I think I could of learned more if I got more help from Shabab since it took me many tries to get it right. It actually took me two days to do because I didn't really have a set limit. I also could of gotten help from Yoseph but I thought it would be better if I got the help from only one person.

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