Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Quarter 2

This quarter I learned the Arabic numbers. I had to review with flash cards then get tested on them. I learned numbes 1-100 and got tested on them.

It was to help me function in Saudi Arabia since practically everything requires you to know at least a little bit about Arabic. It also helped me read the mileage signs which helped me remember the numbers. It was also to help for when I'm talking to a Saudi later and trying to buy something.

Well, I learned the Arabic numbers. Since the acitivty was for me to learn the numbers I say it worked out. But now I know the numbers up to 100 so it does help me a lot in my day to day life here in Saudi Arabia.

There is also nothing I could of done to learn more/differently. Also, since it was just about learning the numbers and I did that there is no way I could learn more. My next goal is to learn the numbers up to 1000.

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