Friday, April 9, 2010

Science Reflection Eye Dissection

     For quarter 4 in Science we dissected a goat eye for our unit on the eye. We had to identify the different parts of the eye and the fat/muscles around it, we also had to slit the eye and show the different humor inside of it. You also had to do it as neatly as possible to avoid the eye from collapsing or the parts to be damaged. It was also to follow the directions the teacher told us and what the paper said or else the dissection wouldn't be a success. You also had to be very descriptive in each of the objectives of the dissection for you to have a successful writeup and understanding of the eye.

     The purpose was to really strengthen our understanding of the eye and what was in it. It also showed the things at the back of the eye and how the image was fed into the occipital lobe through the optic nerve located at the direct back of the eye. It was also to see how the muscles moved the eye and the fat cushioned it. When we saw the retina I also noticed that it was shiny like how the teacher said so I think it was also to see those kinds of things (like the tapetum in animal eyes) inside the eye. It was also to see if all of us, the combined classes, could really obey directions and clean up after the activity (which we did).

     Through this activity I learned where everything was, what it looked like, and how it really helped with the workings of the eye. I also learned about the tapetum in goat eyes and the general size of things, for instance, I thought the optic nerve would be bigger than it actually was. I also saw how the lens of the eye actually looks like lens and it can magnify things exactly like a magnify glass, the size was even like a real lens. I used the lens to read the fine print of the magazine as well as other things, it also showed how easily broken the lens is, as it can be broken by just holding it. I also saw how the cornea looked along with the iris and ciliary muscles.

     I think I could of learned more if I had another eye for dissection because I could of cut the eye differently without parts of it breaking such as when the humor completely gushed out and I didn't see the shape of the humor. I could have also learned differently if I had a different partner for the dissection. I could have also used different tools for the dissection of the eye and removed different parts at different times. Also if I was more careful I could of had more things intact and could of studied those more/better. One other thing I could of done was cut the fat more carefully so I that I wouldn't of punctured the eye and make the humor come out.

     This activity doesn't relate to my goals because none of them relate to a dissection. But it could help a goal such as listening and not going off from the assigned task. Though no goals could really relate to this activity since it was just a one day thing and all you had to do was study a little for the day of it. I thought this was an important thing to do and it was well worth the time and effort. I hope to do more dissection throughout my school years because of this.

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