Friday, April 2, 2010

Quarter 3

For this quarter in Social Studies I will reflect on the Nobel Prize Nomination letter. You had to choose from four different people who was the best candidate for the prize. The three you had to choose from was George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Alexander Hamilton. You had to give three distinct points on why you nominated that person. Also, if your letter was good enough you had to present it to the class after your table voted on it. Although, the Nobel Prize Committee didn't really exist back then...

The purpose of the activity was to reinforce what we already know of these people but also learn more about them and what they did in their lives. Another things was that it helped us write a business letter for later purposes. It also was to help us learn more about how to make a good persuasive 'letter' or essay.It also made me learn more about the format of letters, like where to put your name, address and other things on those types of letters. One last thing it was to do was show how to present persuasive writings, such as your tone of voice, pausing and knowing when to look at other people while reading.

I learned a lot from this activity such as the different people, why they helped the nation, how they helped the nation and their past. It also helped learn about different types of letter and how you would write a business letter that would be sent out. Another things was how I learned to correctly write a persuasive business letter, though it isn't too different from a regular essay. This activity taught me a lot and I feel that it was worth doing.

I think I could of learned differently by choosing a different person t nominate. I also feel that if I tried to be more persuasive it would of helped me learn more about how to be because I would need to change how I phrased things in it. I think that if I found out more about the people I could of had better points for my letter and overall, a better letter. I think this is all that could of been changed for me to learn more from this activity.

This activity helped with one of my goals this year, time management. It did because I had to evenly space out my time so I could finish and be ready on time for the presentation. But this activity doesn't really relate to any other of my goals this year because none of them relate to writing things like this. It did greatly help with my time management though and I still feel it was a worthwhile activity to do in Social Studies.

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