Saturday, April 10, 2010

Language Arts Quarter 3

     The activity I will reflect on for Quarter 3 is the Outsiders project. You had to choose a project to do which then had to be approved by the teacher. You pretty much made your project for something representing the Outsiders Book, for example I did a scrapbook which had summaries of segments in the book. You also had to present it to the class and afterwards turn it in. There were many different projects which all had to do with signifying a part of the book.

     The purpose was to make sure we knew the book and it was also the 'test' of it. It was also to see how creative we could be with having no boundaries with which type of project it had to be. It was also to strengthen the background of the book and find out more about the background of it. Another thing was that it was to see if we could use our time management skills efficiently since the projects were all different so the teacher couldn't have set dates.

     From this activity I learned more about the general book and since I went back a lot to see things it also helped me remember things. I also learned about the time management skills needed so it helped me for later activities like this. One last things I learned form this was about the author and how she was brought up, like how she had to use pseudonyms for her name on the book. Though you couldn't learn too much from this activity since it was just a book recap I thought it helped in other aspects.

     I could of learned more if I chose another activity to do other than my scrap book. That could of also helped me learn differently while doing this since I would have to recall the information differently and also fit it in differently. But I could of even learned more if I didn't procrastinate till the last week because then I could research more and learn even more things and make my summaries or pictures better representing of the book. That is about all you could do to learn more or differently from this activity.

     I thought this activity greatly helped a goal of mine, time management . I thought this because of how I needed to get better at just get the task at hand done and utilize all of my time to its full extent other than getting off topic and wasting time. It is also helping me not procrastinate little by little. I thought this must of helped greatly for many peoples goals since you could just choose what type of activity you wanted to have. That would cause greater diversity and other projects meeting other goals.

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