Monday, January 18, 2010

Quarter 2

This quarter I will reflect on the debate between Alexander Hamilton and George Mason. You had to create a script about what they would of said if they were having an argument, then you would act it out. Alexander Hamilton was the Federalist and George Mason was the Anti-federalist. You would have to point out significant facts about the constitution so that the argument would actually sound like a real one. The entire class was split into pairs and one group of three, the third acted as the judge.

  This project was to teach us about the Federalist Era. It was also to see the different mindsets of these two different people. It was also to help with being more comfortable with acting and such. It could of also been to see the flaws and strengths in the constitution.

   Well I pretty much learned all the things that we were meant to learn from the previous paragraph. I learned all about the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and also, the Federalist Era. This skit helped me remember these things for the test and just general knowing it. I also learned about the two different groups and why they disagreed.

   I probably could have learned differently if I was the opposing party instead of who I was. But I could have learned more if I did more background research on the topic when we were going to present. Though, I think I learned as much as I needed and wanted.

   This activity relates to my goals because of how I want to not have as much stage fright when presenting something like a project. I felt this helped because I also wasn't alone presenting because I had a partner where we could laugh off the mistakes. This is pretty much the only goal this project relates to but then again all projects that I present relate to that goal.

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