Thursday, January 28, 2010

Algebar Q2

   The activity I will reflect on will be the DEMS Around the World project. It was to, with this years Walk-a-Thon, add up all the laps we do and measure it around the world. It was also to show our leadership skills and our general working skills too. It will also be pretty major because we will be doing it for the next 3+ years. My part was to collect the data for the distance around the world and with my group construct a logo to go along with the project. We will also do a presentation of where we landed in the world along with a presentation of how much money we all collected. We all had to do Indian dances and songs at an assembly. 

   It's purpose was to test us and see how much we could do. It was also just to excite the school with a new tradition and see if we could make it to India (which we did). I thought it was good character building because of the unique jobs we each had and to cope with them in our own ways. It could of also tested our math skills while converting from kilometers to miles, then converting 200 miles = 1 inch. 

   I learned about teamwork and well, this being my first year in DEMS, about the Walk-a-Thon. Sense you really couldn't of learned that much to do it testing the skills you already have I can not really say what else I learned from this project. Though, I did learn what determination can grant you. I also learned about some Indian dances and songs which we danced to at the assembly.

   I could have learned more if I chose different groups from which I did choose. Though I couldn't learn much differently or more, nonetheless I would have learned more. Also, if I participated more I could have learned a lot more than what I did. It was hard because of my location so I couldn't meet up with any group members.

    This activity could relate to my goals because of how I want to be my organized. It could because I had to plan many things out for my part in the project and what I was/will do. I pretty much finished my objective for this project which was to make the logo and find the distance of the world on land on the tropic of cancer. So yes, this project related to one of my goals greatly and will help me be prepared for the next.

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