Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Science Quarter 2 Reflection

   The activity I will reflect on will be the Model Molecule project. You had to make a model and poster of a medicine of your choice. After some time we all had to present it and say everything about the medicine and difficulties in making the model. You were then graded on how sturdy the model is and how good the poster was.You also had to accurately place the atoms and have it colorful, with most atoms having a tripod situation. There would also have to be a close-to size ration of how it would of looked in real-life

    It's purpose was to help us learn more about molecules, carbon rings and other molecular structures. It was also to test our determination to make the model and make it so it does not fall apart easily. Another purpose was to see if we were mature enough to construct the model and make a legend that was legible.

   I learned many things from this project, one of them being how I learned that every time there is no bond to an atom it is a hydrogen. I also learned about the carbon rings and the molecule I researched. Another thing I learned was the amount of bonds each atom usually has, which is useful when learning the general size of a molecule.

  I could have learned more if I did a harder molecules or multiple ones. I could probably of learned differently if I changed how I was going to model my medicine or the different ratio sizes. But there is not else that I could of changed so that I might of been able to learn more or differently. I felt this project was better to do than just reading the section because it wouldn't of been as memorable.

   This activity doesn't necessarily relate to my goals except, again, my organizational and time management skills. I thought it helped with time management because of how it wasn't possible to do it all in one day, that you had to space it out evenly. It also helped my organizational skills because of how I had to keep things very neat so that I didn't get confused which atom was which and the color coding.

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