Sunday, December 13, 2009

Reflections Quater 2

The activity I will reflect on will be when we made laws for the classroom. In the activity we all gathered around a huge table to debate which laws should be final and that we could only have five laws to pass. We did this debating for two days and we ended up with only three different laws. We were all split into four different groups to each come up with five laws. After we came up with them we all met at a table to speak about them.

Our laws were:

1: Respect others

2: Anouar can't talk unless spoken to by the teacher

3: Free ice-cream for the top five test scores

The purpose of this activity was that we could relate more to how the Continental Congress worked out laws. I thought it helped me in my understanding of how hard it must of been to come up with laws for a new Country. It was also to see if we could still debate orderly despite different views of the laws.

From this activity I learned how hard it was to all decide on laws/rules. I also learned that it must of been very difficult for the Continental Congress to come up with all of the laws we have today. I also saw that it was very hard for everyone to be calm during the debating of whether or not to keep the laws. We originally had twenty laws but we managed to pass only the three most important ones.

I probably could of learned more if I was more outspoken with the laws and argued with them. I probably could have learned it a lot differently if I just read it from the book and did not partake in this activity. I also could have learned more or differently if we had the other class too, to see their views on the laws and also see the laws they came up with.
This activity relates to my goals because of how we were trying to be organized and one of my goals was to get more organized by the end of the year. There were really no other parts of the debate that could relate to my goals because none of my goals are related to debating like how we did.

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