Friday, October 30, 2009

Science Quarter 1

For my meaningful reflection I shall reflect on my quarter 1 science test. I would say I did quite well on it. It had multiple choice, fill in the blank, essay, and short answer. It was a three page test with around twenty questions. It also had diagrams in which you had to label them and write a short summary on what it was.

It's purpose was to see how much we knew of the chemical names and compounds. It was also to see if we could successfully label and describe a atom. It also was to see if we were able to write a paragraph about how and isotope forms and what it is, so we had to memorize information about neutrons and isotopes.

Through this test I learned many things. One of which was me fully memorizing the information because I had to remember it all which even fortified it more. I also learned essay writing skills and fully displaying the information of which I know. This also helped me learn about why the periodic table is ordered as it is.

I could have probably of learned more if I was very keen on memorizing every aspect of the groups and periods of elements in the table. I could have also learned differently if i made up a little acronym to remember the elements and types of groups. I thought I could have also learned more if I researched the topic on the internet instead of just using my book and notes as my only resource to find out the information.

This also relates to my goals by it helping me fortify my memorization skills and time management. I felt it hard because due to not having much free time it was difficult to find time in my day to study for the upcoming test. It also helped me with my study skills by me using the SQR4 method to review the material and memorize the keywords. In all it helped my goals greatly and I will be more prepared for the next quiz/test.

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