Friday, October 30, 2009

Algebra Quarter 1

The activity I will reflect on will be the second math test this quarter. The activity was testing our knowledge of the mathematical materials. It also was to see if we remembered the material from the last section. I also felt that it was to judge if we could still handle doing Algebra in eighth grade. You were supposed to memorize the material and apply it to the problems on the test. I chose this activity because on this test I got a bad grade due to me not fully memorizing the formulas.

The tests' purpose was to judge how much we knew and if we could finish it in the given time with all questions answered. It was also to see if we still made simple mistakes. So it fortified our understanding of the material because even on the questions we got wrong you could check back through your work and see possibly why you got it wrong.

Throughout this activity I learned more of how you simplify the problems. I also went back through the book after seeing my grade and studying the chapters over. After I studied the chapters I learned that I was simplifying the variables wrong and I quickly redid the problems on the test that I got wrong. Seeing my test score really made me want to study harder for the next one and beat it by a lot.

I probably could of learned more from it if I did take the time to study ALL of the material and do extra problems before the test. I could have also made little keywords that would help me remember the simplifying of variables and equations. I also could of learned differently if I used flash cards or other means to remember the formulas. I could learn even more if I redid the test showing all of my work and redoing the problems I got wrong.

This activity could possibly relate to my goals because I need organization skills. This could improve my organization skills by neatly showing my work so that they don't go all over the page and into other problems. Another goal it could relate to is memorizing material, it helped because I had to memorize everything to do well on the test.

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